There’s Strength in Large Number

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There’s an 82% chance that you have OVERPAID for Workers’ Compensation Insurance!

You have the legal rights to go back up to 3-6+ years, identify errors and secure a refund for the overpaid premium.

So How Does This Work?? It’s simple – We do all of the work on your behalf strictly on a Contingency Basis! We never require any upfront fees for this service!

But wait….There’s more! Our specialized team works directly with your insurance carrier(s) to identify the errors and expedite your refund so there’s Virtually NO WORK for you!

The CCP team and it’s affiliates have recovered over 145 Million in overpaid Insurance Premiums and have long-term relationships with all Major Insurance Companies!

Commercial Coverage Plus specializes in Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Property & Casualty, and BOP Policies.

Insuring all of the United States

At Commercial Coverage Plus, our mission is to CUT THE COST of Small Business Insurance! Our National Network of over 220+ Industry Specialist Agencies gives us the ability to reduce the premiums you pay! As the old saying goes – “There’s Strength in Large Numbers”. Come and join the Small Business Insurance Revolution! Over 80% of our Client’s were Overpaying on their Business Insurance and our team has saved businesses over $140 Million dollars in Overpaid Insurance Premiums! Through our Network of 220+ Industry specialist Agencies – we have access to over 560+ Insurance Providers! Our Industry Specialist Agencies are strategically located in Each and Every State in the Nation!

As we all know, it’s an extraordinarily time consuming process to attempt to save money on insurance. We need to “shop-around” to a mountain of countless insurance providers to try and discover that “needle in a haystack” savings! Most of the time – this grueling process doesn’t even scratch the surface! CCP has a solution! Our team has spent many years doing the heavy lifting and have simplified the process for you! We are your one-stop-shop for small businesses to gain access to the most competitive, industry specialist agencies in the country! Our vast, hand selected, national network of local providers leverages our ability to reduce your Small Business Insurance Premiums – P&C Packages, BOP Policies, Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Commercial Auto and More! Contact us TODAY for a No-Cost, No-Obligation consultation and Quote! Stop purchasing Business Insurance the old way! Come and Join the Small Business Insurance Revolution!

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